Gas and Electricity

It’s one of the costs we fail to ever get to grips with; gas and electricity. Why is it so expensive? Well we examine ways to make your gas and electricity cheaper and tips and advice to ensure you’re getting the best value deal.

Saving Money on Gas and Electricity

The average cost of both gas and electricity is said to be around £1,300 per year. This means the typical UK resident is spending more than £100 per month on gas and electricity. Believe it or not, despite charging £1,300 per year, the energy supplier makes a profit of £45.

Gas and Electricity savings and deals

The reason the energy supplier makes a small margin on the amount they charge is because they have to purchase the energy from the source. This, coupled with operating costs, means they don’t get to keep the full amount of the money you pay. However, when you multiple £45 per household in the UK, it’s equates to a nice chunk of change!

So, are we being held to ransom over precious fuels, like gas and electricity? Well, the jury is out on the answer, however, you can save yourself money by making sure you are on the right tariff for you.

What is a Tariff?

An energy tariff is a set pricing schedule that you will agree with your energy provider. Each energy company will want to target people with different deals.

For example, most energy companies offer a discount if you take their dual fuel tariff. This means you get your electricity and gas from the same provider and can receive a discount.

If you’re not on the cheapest tariff you will be paying more for fuel than you need to. Also, companies have different pricing structures so are you sure you’re getting the right price for gas and electricity?

Remember, it may only be a saving of £20, but it’s still your £20!

Your Saving Money Tips For Gas and Electricity

It’s time to share your saving money tips with our money saving forum. How do you save money? What do you do in order to get the best deal?

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