Saving Money

Saving money is exactly what the Saving Money Forum is all about. We’re the social option to get the best bargains from around the web.

Everybody at Saving Money Forum volunteers to help run the website and social campaigns. This is because we love to help people, and ourselves, to save money. So, when we find a great offer why not share the love?

Some of the best money saving offers come from saving money itself. For instance, a free balance transfer on a credit card is brilliant for 9 months, but 18 months is better. We’re sharing the best deals we find to help you save money.

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We don’t compare credit cards, nor do we go direct to the credit card companies for a great deal, we simply share what’s already on the internet but may be too difficult, or more often time consuming, to find. We never provide financial advice, a professional should always be sought for that, but we share some of the best deals from around the web.

Really, we’re just money gossips!

Sharing Money Saving Tips

If you have found a great saving tip then don’t keep it to yourself, get sharing it around! People will give you credit and thanks for your saving money idea and you’ll get that warm fuzzy feeling from helping people. Mmm… warm fuzzy feeling.

It’s easy to tell people about your great saving tips. Whether it’s a balance transfer on a credit card you’ve just completed or an interest free loan you want to tell people about, you can do it on our forum, on Twitter or on Facebook. The best tips will be shared around by Saving Money Forum within our money saving newsletter and socially, with you getting the credit for your money saving knowledge!

Start today, join our forum and share your stories about your bargain hunting and tell others how you managed to save money. Join the Saving Money Forum here.

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