Petrol Prices Cut By Supermarkets

Petrol prices have been cut by supermarketsAsda, Tesco & Sainsbury have all announced a 2p cut in their unleaded petrol prices as the supermarket giants try to stay more competitive in the market.

The average UK petrol price is 138.9p per litre according to the AA leaving the new Asda price 5p cheaper and diesel remaining at 139.7p a litre.

Richard Crampton from Sainsbury’s said,

“We’re always looking for ways to help our customers save money, particularly as we head towards the festive season, so we’re delighted that from tomorrow we will be reducing our petrol price by up to 2p per litre.”

While a Tesco spokesman said,

 “Tesco is dropping the price of unleaded fuel by up to 2 pence per litre from tomorrow morning.

“As Britain’s biggest petrol retailer with 490 forecourts, more motorists will make savings at the pumps at Tesco than at any other fuel retailer.”

It’s important not to be confused with the statement from Tesco which may seem to claim it is offering the cheapest petrol price as this may not be the case.

The supermarket giant simply serves more customers than any other supermarket fuel provider and therefore more people will get the cut price from them.

These petrol price cuts will mean motorist who are smart can save themselves a lot of money and show the companies how important prices are.

Supermarkets are generally the cheapest for petrol and this will reaffirm that to be the case however it should be taken for granted they always will be.

A search on will show exactly which is the cheapest petrol provider in your area as well as who is the dearest fuel provider.

The table below shows the average, minimum and maximum fuel prices as of today across the UK with the cuts taking effect,

Diesel138.9p143.60p 156.9p
Super Unleaded 138.9p146.24p159.9p
Premium Diesel146.9p152.43p161.9p

These are just average prices and it’s is still better to do a comparison to find the cheapest in your local area especially considering how prices change daily at the moment.

With the rising energy prices it will be a welcome relief to the economy which has seen inflation fall to 2.2% at the end of September from 5.2% last year.

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